We know that all Dash Kits are not the same.

At Soft N’ Cushy, we don’t cut corners or make sacrifices that will compromise the quality of your kit. No fading, no cracking, no discoloration and no peel-off.

Imagine rich simulated grains and exotic woods, exquisite designs and flawless finishes, imagine a Soft N’ Cushy Dash and Trim installation!

Our kits feature:


Dash Kits are built with ‘Trufit’ engineering and a proprietary color-matching system. This ensures an accurate design with a perfect and polished factory look.


Unlike other methods, the unique 3M 5849 acrylic foam adhesive has a built-in promoter, allowing for quick and non-damaging installation. Parts can even be repositioned if needed.


A huge selection of custom finishes including genuine wood, carbon fiber, or premium synthetic woodgrains. Everything from camouflage patterns, to paint-code color matches. Available in matte and glossy options.

We stand by our work 100% and so we work with quality brands that share our commitment.

Check them out below:


Over 30 years of innovative designs have marked Sherwood as leaders in the automotive interior/exterior market. Serving major auto manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, Nissan, GM and Subaru, Sherwood offers one of the largest selection of 3D molded dash kits, or 3D and 2D combo kits.

Custom kits and exotic woods for unlimited design potential. OEM quality certified.

Kits also come with a 3-Year Warranty.

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Since 1986, B&I has distinguished itself as the premium brand for Dash and Trim kits. Never sacrificing quality, kits are made with the highest quality materials and laser-cut to perfection. Features Gemflex urethane clear coat, for durability, flexibility and superior UV protection.

Pristine dash and trims for every vehicle. Custom designs and extensive finishing options.

Kits come with a lifetime warranty.

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