Composite Truck Body


 Known for manufacturing truck bodies with the lowest cost of ownership, Composite Truck Body remains the clear market leader in modern fiberglass body design. We have the flexibility to select the best of the best when we select the production facilities for the manufacture of our products. We engineer cutting edge features, highly functional design, and strong materials into long-lasting, productive truck bodies. We primarily concentrate on transferable workshop capsules and service bodies for fleets and end users. Our customers agree that Composite Truck Body manufactures the highest quality truck capsules with an industry leading warranty and superior customer service. Repeat customers are delighted by new innovations and body styles we introduce. They appreciate Composite Truck Body's ability to address their needs as their business expands. Composite Truck Body's core value: The Customer Comes First. We listen to the customer and through our innovative design, processes exceed the customer's expectations. The result is a design that delivers a return on the investment. Our experience tells us that if we listen and respond our customers, they will support us through recommendations and repeated purchases. We understand the commercial fleet business, both big and small. We are large enough to produce hundreds of Workshop Capsules or service bodies for a single fleet while maintaining the ability to make a custom design for a small company. Composite Truck Body's service bodies and capsules are unique in their design, strength, durability and transferability. We design them, engineer them and select the precise manufacturing process and location for their production. The service bodies are designed for a 20 year useful life, engineered to be easily transferred from chassis to chassis and come with a 10 year limited warranty. Composite Truck Body's Capsules can be moved from truck to truck fully loaded in less than 30 minutes! Capsules will outlive 4 truck life cycles; they are warranted for 10 years, but can be recycled through many trucks during the Capsule's 20+ year expected life time. Composite Truck Body's Workshop Capsules are lightweight and enable our customers to use fuel efficient, technologically advanced pickup trucks instead of gas guzzling vans. Company History The employees have decades of combined experience in engineering, designing and selling composite truck bodies. The team at Composite Truck Body is experienced in all aspects of the commercial transportation business which has led us to expand the brands we lend our engineering expertise to. We have recently added the SpaceKap product to our line of products. This strategic move was made to clearly establish Composite Truck Body as the expert in every product category we market. Whether you are a professional or retail consumer, we have the product that will meet your needs. Composite Truck Body consistently delivers a quality product that significantly improves the capacity and capabilities of a pickup truck, lowers lifetime ownership costs, dramatically improves fuel economy and reduces the company's carbon footprint. Composite Truck Body will continue to be the leader and innovator in the manufacture of composite products. Our goal and commitment is to offer the finest quality products together with uncompromising service.

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